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Tom Swank, Founder & CEO

Tom Swank is an author, speaker and trusted business advisor. As a certified business/executive coach and certified facilitator, Mr. Swank has had the privilege and experience of working with a wide range of business, industry, nonprofit and government entities.

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Thomas H. Swank, CBC, CEO

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As an entrepreneur, Mr. Swank has the experience of creating multiple startup business operations. In his last endeavor, Tom grew company sales volume from zero at startup to over 30 million dollars annually, while developing a singular local sale into a major international account.

Leadership Development

Tom's true passion is the opportunity to assist organization's and their people to develop their personal leadership skills, formal leadership ability and life effectiveness.

Executive Coaching

Based on his extensive experience as an executive and entrepreneur, Tom understands the importance of corporate executives, municipal leaders and entrepreneurs to further develop their strengths, define clear goals, focus strategically and execute decisions purposefully.

Executive & Entrepreneurial Women

Given that Tom has both a permanently disabled wife and adult son, he truly possesses a unique understanding of the challenges that women executives, professionals and entrepreneurs face when it comes to the everyday challenge of balancing their career, running a business, maintaining a home and caring for their family.

Improvement & Results

Tom fully comprehends that without an ongoing process for continuous improvement and goals achievement (organizationally and personally) that potential cannot be effectively harnessed and results cannot be manifested exponentially.

Our Mission

Developing Forward has an acute awareness that every organization and every individual have both the capacity and need to improve their everyday performance.

Moreover, we recognize that leadership, diversity and service excellence represent the most significant gaps in the acumen of organizations and their people. 

Our strategic intention is to provide the appropriate training initiatives and processes that will serve to assist organizations and their people in closing the gaps that exist between their business objectives and performance outcomes.

It is with much gratitude that we pay witness to the journeys which have been undertaken by the organizations and individuals whom we have been privileged to serve. 

Better training. Better people. Better results.