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Diversity In The Workplace

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While Diversity Issues Have Existed For Many Generations... It's The Rapidly Expanding Issue of "Generational" Diversity That Has Brought The Issue Center Stage...  


While organizations can continue to converse openly with employees about working in a global marketplace and a diverse environment, talking about this significant issue is not the same as "living" it out in the daily workplace.

Until such time as employers actually move beyond the basic concepts of EEO, Affirmative Action, quotas and mere inclusion... Their employees are not going to experience shared unity or hold the genuine belief that their employer is willingly demonstrating a real and honest commitment to incorporate true diversity into its workplace culture.


Diversity issues exist at a great cost.

Diversity issues significantly impair relationships, cooperation, team functionality, individual performance, productivity and organizational success.

Historical actions such as creating diverse leadership teams, sales teams or customer care teams have in the end typically failed to deliver substantive change.

Diversity issues in whatever forms they manifest, are deeply rooted in a lack of self-leadership and inappropriately held attitudes.

Authentic diversity dictates that employers consistently demonstrate that they "value" each and every employee not only for their work skills, but also for their uniqueness as individuals.  

By the year 2020, there will be 5 different generations attempting to work side by side in the workplace. Moreover, those individuals born between 1977-1997 will account for 50% of this global workforce.

Our Solution

The diversity issue is ultimately a comprehensive issue that requires a comprehensive solution.

Diversity For The Workplace is a core diversity and personal development program which utilizes shared generational commonality as a catalyst to identify and spotlight the diversity of abilities, skill sets and competencies... As well as the life and cultural events that have shaped the multi-generational workplace which is in present time influencing the post millennial generation (Generation Z) which is currently in the process of taking their place in the 21st Century workplace.

The basis for the Diversity For The Workplace development program is that authentic diversity is ultimately a universal shared acknowledgement and celebration of the diverse talents, abilities and individual contributions of all workers from all origins and all generations.

Our program series of interactive workshops provides a unique adult learning experience that promotes cross generational understanding, unilateral cooperation and relationship building... While developing personal leadership, responsibility and effectiveness.

Your Next Step

While we recognize your organization's need for diversity training, we also respect your organization's necessity to appropriately manage its training investments and the time allocation of its people.

For these reasons, Developing Forward delivers a variety of premier training solutions to meet both your budgetary and man-hour considerations.

The Developing Forward Diversity For The Workplace diversity training is available in the following formats:

Seminars Formal Development Programs Workshops 

At your convenience, we encourage you to schedule a brief consultation to review your organization's training objectives, have your questions answered and to receive a comprehensive overview of your preferred training format.

Better training. Better people. Better results.