Municipal Leadership delivers a proven proprietary leadership development program that is:

At the heart of every governmental and municipal failure, are ineffective leaders and leadership teams that lack the mastery of specific core leadership competencies.

Building Leadership

From The Ground Up

We would welcome the privileged opportunity to discuss your organization's leadership training and development plans, and look forward to helping your organization and its people to learn more, do more and become more.

The time for a paradigm shift in municipal leadership development is now.

       There is a growing leadership crisis at all levels of government throughout America.

       Simply consider the recent onslaught of bankruptcy filings by prominent American cities, counties

         and numerous local municipal authorities.

       Moreover, the majority of state governments are reported to be "insolvent", with several on the

         verge of bankruptcy. Reports also indicate that 84% of U.S. cities are "financially distressed".

       With 20 trillion dollars of debt, the U.S. federal government has become fiscally irresponsible.

       The frequent business news reports that leadership in America is broken ... are factually true. 

Municipal Leadership is a Division of Developing Forward Leadership & HR Development

The need for a paradigm shift in municipal leadership in America is real.

     For over a decade, the  Municipal Leadership program has been changing the way organizations

        and their people work, perform and achieve.

     The Municipal Leadership program provides a measurable "Return On Investment".

     The Municipal Leadership program provides long term retention and recall of the training

        concepts, tools and resources utilized.

     ● The Municipal Leadership program builds leadership from the ground up, with an eye on the

        future and the need for succession planning.

     The Municipal Leadership program is genuinely affordable for all municipal entities regardless of

        their organizational stature.

     Municipal Leadership's Founder and CEO is a highly respected Author, Speaker and Trusted 

        Business Advisor with over four decades of exceptional leadership experience. 

Municipal Leadership

At Municipal Leadership, we aspire to the development of authentic leaders that uphold the truest ideals of leadership as defined by America's 6th President. 

Why should your organization choose the Municipal Leadership formal development program?

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more ... you are a leader."

                  ~President John Quincy Adams  

"Clear, concise and engaging. A great program!"

Connie Rutledge, Assistant HR Director

"This is by far the best leadership training that I've ever experienced."

Edna W., City Planning Coordinator

"This program should be mandatory for all employees!"

Ruth B., City Finance & Purchasing

"It was an eye opening experience and I will be forever grateful to Mr. Swank."

Samantha C., Recreation Leader

"Excellent program. Great speaker. Potentially life changing!"

Richard A., Warrants Officer

Municipal Leadership Foundation


     Highly engaging.

     Sensory rich.

     A unique adult learning experience.

     Highly rated.

     Equally balanced for both personal and professional leadership development.

     Focused on critical core leadership competencies.    

     Unlike any other leadership development program.


Municipal Leadership & HR Development

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