While I truly appreciate the opportunity to have you as a client, it is our ongoing business relationship that I value most of all. So if you need to, share your concern with our product team within thirty days of the receipt of your program purchase and we will do everything possible to assist you in being happy with your program... Including if necessary, your timely return of the complete program product in exchange for an appropriate refund.

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While we recognize your personal and professional need for Leadership Development training, we also respect your ability to appropriately manage your time, energy and financial resources.

For these reasons, Developing Forward provides several modest investment options for your acquisition and delivery of the Strategized Leadership self-directed development program.

Better leaders. Better people. Better results. 

My personal goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your "Strategized Leadership" development program. And should you not be genuinely satisfied with this program for whatever reason, then I want to make certain that you are in the end happy.

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Strategized Leadership

A Self-Directed Leadership Development Program

The Developing Forward "Strategized Leadership" Self-Directed Development Program is a comprehensive counterpart to our highly respected formal leadership development program... The Leadership Academy.

As a self-directed program initiative, Strategized Leadership differs dramatically from conventional self-help products and programs that typically raise more questions than they answer, offer no manner of support what so ever and which ultimately amount to nothing more than a do-it-yourself project.

In contrast, the Strategized Leadership development program was strategically designed to provide a literal "fail-safe" learning experience.

From the introduction page through the final review summation... Every program module and exercise sets forth exacting step-by-step instructions, procedures, examples of the work to be performed and the actions to be taken. And in the event that you should ever have a question... support is readily available to assist you.

Simply stated, the Strategized Leadership self-directed development program is truly unparalleled as a professional level learning program and product. As well, it represents the new state of the art leadership program for the busy professional who wants to consciously control the pace and focus of their personal and professional learning experience.

Your decision to invest in your own self and in your long term future is the prerequisite first step to creating an abundant life that will provide you with fulfillment, reward and success.

The true investment in yourself is your very willingness to invest freely of your time, energy, laughter, tears and the sweat of your brow to both achieve what is important to you and to become the person that you are capable of becoming.

Deep down inside of yourself you know that you are worth investing in and that you are genuinely capable of accomplishing greater things in life. So, the only remaining question is... Will the Strategized Leadership development program be worth the investment?

Yes indeed it will! And what's more, we guarantee it...

You need only consider how a more empowered, effective and productive you is going to excel at everything you choose to commit yourself to in the future. The return on both your personal and financial investment in yourself will undoubtedly be quite substantial over the balance of your life and career.

While you must diligently engage the work process in completing the program, it is the journey itself that you should embrace most of all. For whatever your purpose may be for undertaking this journey, the ultimate reward is far greater than potential riches or wealth. As one of my esteemed colleagues once stated to me...

"You don't become a millionaire for the million dollars... Rather, you

become a millionaire for the person that you become in the process."

The Strategized Leadership development program is specifically designed to provide you with an ongoing process of life long learning, growth and fulfillment. As you will experience, the concepts, tools, exercises, assessments and processes that are utilized in the Strategized Leadership development program will provide you with the ability to achieve the professional and personal success that you desire and the opportunity to create the life you want to live!

Lastly and Importantly... My Personal I Know "You'll Be Happy" Guarantee

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