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The Real Question Isn't Whether Or Not To Improve Your Organization's Service Standards. It is "How" to Improve Them And Do So Decisively...  


While everyone makes a fuss about providing great customer service... Rarely does anyone follow through and actually deliver on their assertion.

How can your organizational staff deliver "service excellence"... If they have never personally had a truly exceptional customer service experience? The majority of today's workers simply have no comparative point of reference.

True customer service excellence is in reality far more the merely satisfying the needs of your customers on a day to day basis. Both your customers and your organization deserve better long term result outcomes.

Authentic customer service excellence is about building trusted relationships that stand the test of time.   


The vast majority of customer satisfaction surveys are generic, superficial and unrevealing.

Research studies continue to verify that mere customer satisfaction is no longer good enough.

The goal of creating "Service Excellence" should be at the very heart of each and every customer interaction.

If the goal of your organization is to create organizational growth and success that is truly sustainable, then you and your people are going to have to raise the bar regarding your performance standards when in comes to serving both your "external" and "internal" customers.

Building "trust" both externally and internally is essential to forging mutually beneficial long term relationships.

Service Excellence is the sole process for creating extraordinary customer experiences.

Our Solution

The Developing Forward Service Excellence development program is a unique approach to the customer servicing process which focuses on the numerous "points of connection" that exist between your organization and its external and internal customers.

Secondarily, the Service Excellence program focuses on the critical role that "emotion" plays in every customer interaction and the importance of restoring the customer relationship and customer experience to the high priority status that they truly deserve.

Concurrently, your program participants will explore their need for developing and maintaining an appropriate customer loyalty attitude, understanding both customer and self-motivation, the value of customer communication, customer "lifetime value" and the significance of managing stress and impulses.

Your Next Step

While we recognize your organization's need for Service Excellence training, we also respect your organization's necessity to appropriately manage its training investments and the time allocation of its people.

For these reasons, Developing Forward delivers a variety of premier training solutions to meet both your budgetary and man-hour considerations.

Developing Forward's Service Excellence training is available in the following formats:

Seminars Formal Development Programs Workshops 

At your convenience, we encourage you to schedule a brief consultation to review your organization's training objectives, have your questions answered and to receive a comprehensive overview of your preferred training format.

Better training. Better people. Better results.