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Distinctive Presentations That Stimulate, Educate and Inspire

With a highly engaging personality and a distinctive voice, Tom shares his personal experiences and life perspectives about business, motivation, leadership and creating the life that you want live.

Over the course of his professional career, Tom's experience as a Senior Executive, Superior Sales Talent and Successful Entrepreneur have served to give him a genuine ability to relate to virtually everyone. From the boardroom to the boiler room, at some point in his career, Tom has been there.

It is Tom's earnest desire that your event be a resounding success.

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Speaker Topics

Inspired Leadership

There are many leaders who lead with authority, some who lead with power and still others who lead by example. Yet, none of these can compare to that rare breed of leader who has the ability to "inspire" the people who they feel privileged to lead. Why do talented people flock to leaders who inspire? Why is it that these people are so loyal to their leaders? 

Motivation: A Key Ingredient For Your Success

Do you remember what it is like to be really "fired up"? Just how much could you truly accomplish if you felt that way all of the time? Whether you are an employer or employee, a manager or a subordinate... where does the real responsibility for motivation lie?

Tom clears the air about what motivation is and what it isn't... And most importantly, how to make it thrive in your organization. 

Embracing Generational Diversity

With four generations already struggling to work side by side and a fifth generation now entering the workplace, Generational Diversity is fast becoming leadership's greatest challenge for the next decade and beyond.

During his insightful examination of this timely topic, Tom first discusses why historical actions such as creating diverse leadership and diverse teams have generally failed to deliver substantive change or results. He then explains that until such time as organizations actually move beyond the concept of inclusion and meeting quotas... Their employees are not going to experience genuine "unity", let alone feel that their organization is actually demonstrating an honest commitment to incorporate authentic diversity into its workplace culture.

Tom also details the critical need for creating employee "value" and why cross generational performance is critical to your organization's future success.

Elevating The Human Spirit

In the aftermath of the "Great Recession" times continue to be rather tough. We find ourselves collectively living in times of continued financial pressure, high debt, reduced workforce participation and much uncertainty.

As a collective society or as concerned individuals... What can we do to elevate the human spirit and the human condition for the greater good of all people?

Creating The Life... You Want To Live!

How do you define "success" on your own terms?

How many of the thoughts that you hold about your boss, your organization, your customers, your family, your friends, your neighbors and your acquaintances are actually you own?

In this truly unique presentation, Tom tackles the #1 obstacle that stands in the way of you living a more effective, productive and empowered life.

Or have Tom customize design a special presentation that is unique for your event.

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